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Coptis chinensis-Huang Lian

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Chinese Medicinal herbs huanlian (Coptis chinensis) extract

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Coptis chinensis(Huang Lian)


Coptis chinensis, or Chinese coptis, also name goldthread or Huang lian,has several alternative names, including Chinese goldthread and coptis rhizome among others. It comes from the peony family and is native to China.

The root of the coptis herb is the part of the plant that is used in herbal remedies.


1.Coptis herb is believed to contain properties that can help to reduce cholesterol and alleviate the thickening of the arteries (known as arteriosclerosis) therefore reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

2.Some studies carried out on coptis have shown a possibility of lowering blood sugar which would be beneficial to people with diabetes.

3.Coptis is believed to have antibiotic and antifungal properties, helping those people with urinary tract infections (UTI), eye infections such as conjunctivitis and some infections in the bones.

4.Using a coptis tincture can help to reduce fever and has been used as a supplement for people ailing from tuberculosis (TB) due to its anti viral and anti inflammatory properties.

5.Coptis herb is an excellent immune system booster and is ideal for those who are run down.

6.Coptis is a natural remedy for those who suffer from pre menstrual syndrome, as it has pain reliving properties which can alleviate the stomach cramps associated with this illness.

7.Chinese coptis is also ideal for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as it aids the digestive system and can help to prevent diarrhea. It also has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties which ease the intestinal spasms associated with this disorder.

8.Coptis is a mild sedative which is beneficial for insomnia sufferers or those who are struggling with stress or anxiety.

9.Coptis herb is an excellent immune system booster and is ideal for those who are run down.

10.Coptis root is believed to stop the replication of cancer cells, which of course is highly beneficial to some cancer sufferers. More tests on this theory are being carried out.

11.The coptis herb contains tannins that help heal wounds and stem blood flow. It is suitable for use in compresses and poultices on broken skin, open wounds and to reduce swellings and bruises.

[For Diabetes]:

Effect of Rhizoma coptidis (Huang Lian) on Treating Diabetes Mellitus

Anti-diabetic effect of Coptis Chinensis polysaccharide in high-fat diet with STZ-induced diabetic mice.

Spec and Dosage:

0.5g/packet. equivalent of 3g herbs.

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